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Can you legally Sell Pot

Can you legally sell pot

If you have a passion for cannabis, you may be able to sell it.  But you must understand that growing cannabis for personal reasons and selling it illegally is not the same as running a professional cannabis operation, business, dispensary or delivery service.  But, can you legally sell pot?  The answer is yes.  You can sell cannabis legally by obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.  Depending on the state in which you reside in, you may be able to set up a legal cannabis business if your state has already legalized the use of cannabis.  But, the procedure is quite complicated and the rules are stringent.  A huge amount of capital is also required before you can proceed with the operations.


Before you can open a cannabis business, you must submit an application and await approval.  Since selection is based on merit, you may just get lucky if you meet all the legal requirements.  You will have to submit various documents and proof that you have enough funds and the required staff and premises to do business.  Background checks will also be conducted before you can obtain licenses and set up infrastructure.  So now, can you legally sell pot?  Yes you can but you have to meet specific requirements first.Can you legally sell pot

Can you legally sell pot

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